All proceeds from the Nexus Cup benefit underserved youth through the education programs of TGR Foundation

In 1996, Tiger Woods launched TGR Foundation based on the Woods’ family motto of ‘share and care’ and a dream to give kids hope. With the mission to empower youth to reach their highest potential, TGR Foundation developed innovative education and youth development programs to reach underserved students worldwide. In 2016, Tiger Woods challenged TGR Foundation ‘to make bold choices, explore unchartered territory and reach millions of kids around the world.’

Now in its 25th anniversary year, the foundation has met his challenge and celebrates two million students reached.

“I’m proud of my foundation’s growth over the last 25 years,” Woods said. “Five years ago, I challenged my team to reach millions of kids around the world. As we celebrate this milestone, I’m excited for our new projects that will help even more students chase after their dreams.”


The journey to two million began with Woods’ vision to create a safe space for underserved youth. With the opening of the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim in 2006, his vision became a reality and a series of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), college and career programs for youth followed. In an effort to impact even more students, the TGR Learning Lab began working closely with educators worldwide, helping them enhance their practice. For 25 years, TGR Foundation has worked to create a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless. With an unwavering commitment to impact underserved youth, the foundation’s mission is to empower students to pursue their passions through education.

Looking ahead, TGR Foundation remains focused on driving equity and access in education. With the launch of the Pathways Forward initiative, the foundation will expand efforts to provide students the tools and resources to build accessible pathways to personal and professional success. Through collaborative partnerships and donations to Pathways Forward, students will have access to innovative curricula, inspiring learning spaces and resources to achieve career success all aimed to reach more underserved youth in the years ahead.

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